Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About ‘Horrible’ Pregnancy, Gets Mocked For Her Weight

Kelly Clarkson is the proud mother to baby daughter River Rose, but the singer said carrying the little girl wasn’t exactly the greatest of times.

Clarkson opened up to Nick Grimshaw on BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show about her difficult pregnancy, revealing that she even spent some time in the hospital.

“I was hospitalized… It was just kind of a bad pregnancy, so I had to take off way more time than normal.”

But Kelly Clarkson is behind all the difficulties now, and said she is thrilled to be a mom.”I love it. I love it,” Clarkson said.

“She’s pretty awesome,” the singer noted about daughter River.

“And my husband [Brandon Blackstock] is running from me because I want another one.”

The troubled pregnancy isn’t the only difficulty that Kelly Clarkson has found with having a baby, however. A number of insensitive people online have targeted Kelly for her weight fluctuations.

Kelly has been the victim of Twitter trolls who made fun of her weight gain after she appeared on the inaugural American Country Countdown Awards on December 15.

“I can’t believe how fat Kelly Clarkson got,” one wrote.

“Omg Kelly Clarkson is so fat! :(” said another.

Sources say Kelly isn’t too bothered by the trolls, however, and it hasn’t stopped her career. Clarkson is back with a new release called “Heartbeat,” one that’s earned high praise from Billboard.

“‘Heartbeat Song’ is less of a reinvention than a reassertion, following the longest break between standard studio albums in Clarkson’s career. She can still deftly handle a crescendo, deliver a sturdy vocal hook and know when to let her backing music breathe, all while keeping her carbonated charm intact. Clarkson’s ‘Heartbeat Song’ represents another surefire hit for one of pop’s most reliable architects, and a welcome return for an artist who had taken a well-deserved personal break.”

Despite the difficult pregnancy and the Twitter trolls, Kelly Clarkson could be having another baby soon. Clarkson said he wants “another one in like, a year.”