Kate Gosselin: I Don’t Want To Be Alone Anymore, But Too Busy To Date

Kate Gosselin said she’s had enough of being a single mom.

The reality television star, mother to eight kids including sextuplets, said in a recent interview that she is tired of being single, but not exactly ready to start dating again.

“Not yet. I mean, someday, maybe if that happens,” Kate told Access Hollywood. “I don’t know with the eight. Can I leave them at home that time?”

Kate said her routine taking care of eight kids leaves little time for a boyfriend.

“I’m definitely lonely and that [part of my life] is definitely missing,” she told Access. “As time goes on it’s more so, and the kids are mentioning it more and more. To have a man, a male presence in the house, I just feel it would be so much more balanced – [for] the boys especially.

“But the kids see the strain of like taking care of the house and all the stuff that goes wrong on a daily basis, and that kind of stuff,” she added. “They see me baring that load by myself.”

There have been reports of boyfriends for the Kate Plus Eight star, though she has always denied the rumors. The interview suggests that Kate Gosselin and her rumored new boyfriend might be in trouble. According to InTouch Weekly, her reported new man, Jeff Prescott, may have had a violent past with his ex.

“According to the document, in 2005, police came to their Barnstable, Mass., home to settle a dispute after she claimed Prescott had flown into a jealous rage. Then in 2006, Jones alleged that Prescott ‘threw me against a wall… put both hands around my neck and told me, I will f—ing kill you,’ during a heated argument in a Tennessee hotel room.”

Kate has denied being in a relationship with Prescott, insisting instead that they are working together on a business venture.

“Oh whatever, I’m not dating him. He’s a business guy,” she said. “We’re working on a business deal, and he’s a great guy, a nice guy, but they always make up all these stories… Okay, I get it. Everybody wants to me to be dating somebody by now. I get the hint.”

But other reports have claimed that Kate Gosselin is indeed in a romantic relationship with Jeff Prescott, noting that she made similar denials when she was in a relationship with bodyguard Steve Neild.