Bruce Jenner Reportedly Planning To Come Out Officially As A Woman In 2015

Rumor has it that Bruce Jenner is going through a sex change. It’s no secret as the issue has been widely reported for a while now with allegations of hormone treatment, Adam’s apple surgery, and longer hair than ever.

Radar Online reported today that, on top of the manicures, larger looking chest, and long sessions at the hair salon, Bruce Jenner intends to announce, once and for all, that he wishes to be a woman, and he intends to make that announcement in a big way.

An insider, who is apparently close with Jenner, spilled the beans to Radar, saying the following.

“He will come clean in 2015 about transitioning. This will be the year of his coming out. He knows that people have recognized his changes, and he’s finally becoming more comfortable with himself and his choice to become a woman.”

On top of that, in order to ensure he carries on the Jenner-Kardashian tradition, the most likely way he will come out is via a glamorous photo shoot, possibly for a magazine cover, as the source revealed.

“When Bruce goes public, he wants to go big and come out as a transwoman on the cover of The Advocate, the ultimate LGBT magazine. He wants to look as glamorous as possible — full makeup with a bold wardrobe. He won’t live his new life in designer clothes like the Kardashian women. He just wants his first official portrait as a woman to be classic and memorable.”

Hollywood Life reported that if the transitions turns out to be true, and Bruce Jenner is to become a woman, even though his kids are totally supporting him, the same can’t be said for his ex-wife. Kris Jenner said the following, as the source added.

“It’s mortifying to her that the father of her children is looking more and more like a woman. She is embarrassed by Bruce’s transition and only cares about how all this will affect her reputation.”

While it remains to be seen whether or not Bruce Jenner really is intending to come out as a woman, and to do so in style as per the Radar insider, there’s no denying that as he gets older he is one celebrity who is definitely more in touch with his feminine side than most.