Kristen Alderson Addresses ‘General Hospital’ Departure: Why Did She Leave Role Of Kiki?

Kristen Alderson has quit General Hospital and fans are quite stunned by the news. There have been some significant changes on the GH soap cast this past year, as well as on some of the other soaps, but this one definitely threw many fans for a loop. Now the actress is sharing some insight with fans about why she’s departing the soap.

Soap Opera Digest broke the news over the weekend that Kristen Alderson was out of General Hospital and the role of Kiki Jerome. Was she fired or did she quit? Fans buzzed about the news of her departure, and now Alderson is sharing that she decided to quit.

As soap fans know, Alderson has been acting on soaps since she was quite young. She started out at the age of 6 on One Life to Live as Starr, and she popped up on General Hospital in that same role in 2012. Due to legal disputes between the network and Prospect Park over the rights to the character, Alderson shifted into the role of Kiki Jerome in 2013.

Alderson’s off-screen love, Michael’s portrayer Chad Duell, tweeted that Kristen was leaving the role of her own choice and she’s since shared a video going into more detail. Kristen says that she wanted to get the video out for her fans earlier, but life has been quite crazy so it took her a big longer than she intended.

The actress says that she’s not leaving General Hospital because of the cast and crew. Rather, Alderson says, it was something of a spur-of-the-moment epiphany that it was time for her to challenge herself with other things. Kristen says that she’s had the best time at GH. She adds, though, that she’s been in the soap bubble since she was 6, and she’s 23 now, and she would like to do some things outside of the soap world.

Kristen also says she’d like to take some time to focus on singing, a passion of hers. Alderson says that she doesn’t know where the road will take her as it’s all happened quickly, but she’s prepared for this new chapter. The General Hospital actress says she loves her fans so much and she’s always going to be a part of their life. She promises to keep connecting with fans on social media and she thanks everybody with the soap and the network for their support.

When will Kristen Alderson be departing from the role of Kiki Jerome? A final air date has yet to be revealed, but from the sounds of things it will be soon. Fans are very curious to see what will happen with the role of Kiki, especially given other additions and departures recently shaking things up on the soap already.

Kelly Thiebaud has left the role of Britt, Billy Miller has taken over the role of Jason and Maurice Benard says he’s sticking around as Sonny. There is already some buzz that Alderson may head to another soap, but it sounds as if she’s looking to change things up a bit, at least for now.

Will General Hospital recast the role of Kiki Jerome, and if they do, who should take Kristen Alderson’s place? For now fans will have to stay tuned to see what comes next.

[Image via Ace Showbiz]