‘Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell’ Pre-Orders Get U.K. Gamers A Spooky Bonus

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell pre-orders are going to net early owners in the U.K. a bonus on the spooky side. In the original gameplay trailer for the upcoming Saints Row 4 spin-off, a certain item was featured heavily in the story.

The Ouija board that the Third Street Saints were using before the “former” President of the United States (your character in SR4) literally got sucked into Hell is only part of the bonus. Deep Silver and Volition are throwing it in to entice early orders in cooperation with U.K. retailer GAME. The other part of the bonus includes a free trip to hang out with an actual ghost hunter for a day.

The catch is that you have to send a picture of yourself and your friends actually using the Ouija board, which has been re-named as the Wee-Ja Board, in order to be eligible to meet U.K. spirit medium Derek Acorah and hunt ghosts.

Deep Silver and Volition most likely renamed the pre-order item for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell in an effort to make it a little less controversial. Religious gamers may have a problem with owning an actual Ouija board, due to its connotations, if the game’s title and premise alone aren’t enough to dissuade them.

This bonus will only be available from UK retailer GAME, so it’s possible that United States and other countries’ gamers won’t get the chance to go looking for ghosts.

While this bonus might not be the best choice, according to Push Square, it might appeal to those with a craving for the spiritual side of it all. The site recommends instead of a Ouija board, they should have provided a free exorcism, because of how horror movies usually go.

The Saints Row: Gat out of Hell release date for the Americas is January 20, while everywhere else it hits January 23. If you live in the U.K., are you excited for the release of this Saints Row 4 spin-off and its spooky bonuses?

[Image via Metro]