26 Best Jobs: Six Categories Of Jobs For Best Pay, Demand, Growth, And ‘Fulfillment’

A vast list of the best jobs in America has been compiled by U.S. News & World Report. The very top jobs from six different categories is published here from the source’s complete list of 100. The magazine looked at a number of factors spread over six occupational industries and ranked them according to salary, demand, opportunity for advancement, and “fulfillment.” U.S. News relied on data supplied by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The government agency also assessed the projected number of openings in these jobs from 2012 to 2022.

It’s not surprising that the best paid occupations relate to health care and technology, but those aren’t the only industries that suit every individual. A broad spectrum of other career fields also have high-demand positions for people with specific skills.

The earnings listed for each of the jobs in the six categories is based on earnings in 2013.

Each of the career fields have an excellent forecast for high demand and advancement. Jobs listed below are divided by industry with expected annual salary ranges.

Best Health Care Jobs

1. Dentist: $105K – $146K

2. Nurse Practitioner: $80K – $110K

3. Physician: $137K – $186K

4. Dental Hygienist: $59K – $85K

5. Physical Therapist: $67K – 93K

Best Technology Jobs

1. Software Developer: $72K – $116K

2. Computer Systems Analyst: $63K – 102K

3. Information Security Analyst: $67K – $113K

4. Web Developer: $44K – $85K

5. Mechanical Engineer: $65K – $102K

Best Business Jobs

1. Market Research Analyst: $44K – $85K

2. Marketing Manager: $88K – $166K

3. Accountant: $55K – $86K

4. Operations Research Analyst: $55K – $99K

Best Social Services Jobs

1. School Psychologist: $50K – $88K

2. Speech-Language Pathologist: $55K – $89K

3. Elementary School Teacher: $43K – $67K

4. High School Teacher: $44K – $69K

5. Middle School Teacher: $43K – $67K

Best Construction Jobs

1. Cost Estimator: $44K – $78K

2. Construction Manager: $64K – $111K

3. Plumber: $37K – $67K

4. Sheet Metal Worker: $32K – $58K

Best Creative Jobs

1. Public Relations Specialist: $40K – $75K

2. Architect: $57K – $94K

3. Art Director: $58K – $120K

A full description of details on salary, career outlook, and experience required is outlined with each of these position on U.S. News’ website.

After so many fell victim to a suffering economy in recent years, searching for a secure job in the workforce has become all the more important.

For anyone interested in looking for a job that has real promise with good pay while providing satisfaction at the same time, jobs that made the list met all of the factors when ranking their placement on the 100 Best Jobs list.

If you want to see a complete report on the 100 best jobs list, it’s available here.

[Photo Credit: Mario Guerrero]