50 Cent On Hollywood Marriage: ‘Husband Means My ‘Serious Boyfriend”

50 Cent opened up in a recent interview about his opinions on a few of the leading ladies of Hollywood that caught his eye at last weekend’s Golden Globes awards ceremony.

According to Daily News, one of the actresses discussed was Scarlett Johansson.

50 Cent was admittedly impressed by the way that Johansson looked at the SoHo House Golden Globes bash — especially since she had a baby not too long ago.

“Scarlett’s in that snap-back phase. Meaning just after a baby, her body snapped right back. She was hot, real super-short haircut. Some girls have that long, pretty, beautiful, elegant haircut. She’s got that ‘Oh, your head is pretty too, thing.'”

The Power actor and businessman even went as far as saying that “no one cares” that Scarlett is married. He also stated that her husband, journalist Romain Dauriac, was not even at the function with her.

50 Cent also made a general comment about how marriages are viewed in Hollywood.

“In Hollywood, husband means ‘my serious boyfriend.'”

Scarlett Johansson was not the only woman featured on his short list of discussion for the evening.

50 Cent also noticed that Gayle King, CBS anchor & Oprah Winfrey’s BFF, “has a real nice body.” When discussing American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent commented that she came back “with more booty” after giving birth.

He also shared a sexual description when talking about his ex, stand-up comedian Chelsea Handler.

“Me and Chelsea are good friends. In one word, ‘gator.’ It’s a sexual description, like wrestling an alligator.”

Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) also talked openly about how much fun he had working on his new movie, Spy, with actress Melissa McCarthy. He stated that just being around her made him laugh while they were shooting the film in Budapest along with Jason Statham and Jude Law.

Throughout his career, 50 Cent has never been known for biting his tongue on any topic — regardless of the criticism that is created by his words.

He did not hesitate to mock Floyd Mayweather, Jr., for his alleged literacy issues or even criticize the new hit Fox series, Empire, for its similarities to his own show, Power.

What do you think about what 50 Cent said about marriage in Hollywood?

[Image Credit: MTV]