Diabetes Symptoms: Here Are Some Subtle Signs Of The Disease You May Have Missed

Diabetes symptoms, at least most of them, aren’t too hard to miss. Some of the tell-tale signs of diabetes can easily be detected, such as frequent thirst, frequent urination, or cuts and bruises that take too long to heal.

However, Mayo Clinic reminds us that many of the disease’s features can be too subtle for early detection. There are many diabetes symptoms that do not manifest themselves as visibly as the signs mentioned above. Some of the major indicators of diabetes are often wrongly attributed to other illnesses or are just shrugged off as minor inconveniences, leading to a delayed diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Here are some diabetes symptoms people often overlook:

Fatigue: Although this might appear to be one of the most apparent symptoms of diabetes, there is a tendency for some people to overlook this indicator, mainly because some attribute fatigue to normal human milestones such as aging, instead of possible underlying factors. If you find yourself constantly out of energy, seek a doctor’s advice and ask him or her to screen you for potentially related ailments, especially diabetes.

Blurred Vision: Diabetes symptoms may also take a toll on your sense of sight. Blurred vision might be a very telling feature of the disease. Sadly, many people misidentify this sign as another part of aging and delay further check-ups with their local physicians.

According to Web MD, this particular symptom occurs when high blood sugar levels cause the eye lenses to swell. When blood sugar levels go back to normal, one can expect to have their old sense of sight back again.

Weight Loss: This is more of a symptom of Type 1 Diabetes, which is characterized by the decreased capacity of the pancreas to produce insulin. Weight loss can be attributed to a wide array of diseases, therefore it can easily be blamed upon other conditions, pre-existing or otherwise. However, when weight loss occurs even if there is an excess in caloric intake or without the aide of fitness regimens, this can be a silent mark of the deadly disease, according to Diabetes.co.uk.

Although minor fluctuations in weight, i.e. gaining or losing a few pounds every few weeks or so, are common and normal, drastic and significant loss of weight can be one of the subtle diabetes symptoms you are currently overlooking. If you have inexplicably lost a large amount of body weight — at least 4.5 kilograms, or ten pounds of weight — a visit to the local physician can help determine if you have diabetes or not.

A visit to the doctor is always the best way to see if you have diabetes or not. If you are suffering from possible diabetes symptoms akin to what have been mentioned above, go to your local physician as soon as possible and have yourself checked.

[Image from Dennis Sklay/Flickr]