Gay Rumors Regarding Jax Taylor Were Set Up By Bravo?

Jax Taylor gay rumors surfaced on Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. However, according to a source close to the model reality star, the rumors were nothing more than a ratings ploy.

“The network set that up,” a friend of Taylor told Radar Online on January 14. “They want things to look a certain way.”

During the episode of Vanderpump Rules, gay rumors swirled after a man named John Walters was introduced to viewers. Taylor’s co-star, Tom Sandoval, told girlfriend Ariana Madix that John was an old modeling friend. Once Walters was introduced, Taylor claimed he “stayed in his (John’s) room” in Miami, and revealed Walters had a nude photo of Taylor in his living room.

Later in the episode, during a club scene, Walters admitted he loved Taylor.

“I… still love you as much as I did in the first place.”

Although details of their relationship remained private, Taylor certainly cause the gay rumors to continue with his response to Walters’ love claim.

“I’m a bigger person now. I was just thrown into it right off the bat. That was my first time ever. I didn’t know what anything like that was like.”

Then, in his confessional, Taylor hinted the rumors were fabricated.

“I was a younger model. I was hanging out with an older gay guy. People are going to talk no matter what. People love to throw rumors out there.”

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, which aired on Monday night after Vanderpump Rules, viewers were asked, “Do you think something happened with @mrjaxtaylor & John?”

At the end of the show, it was revealed 96 percent of viewers voted “yes,” which Taylor quickly addressed on Twitter.

“Well if giving your boy a kiss is gay then they are right!!! I don’t give a s**t what people say.”

Whether Taylor is gay or not, he doesn’t appear to mind the speculation.

“Jax doesn’t care what people think about him. He’s confident and fine with them thinking whatever they want to.”

As the Inquisitr reported on Tuesday, an alleged “boyfriend of Taylor’s spoke to Radar Online, denying he and Taylor were a couple.

“Jax and I modeled together in Miami Beach for Dulce de Leche. We did many campaigns together for different designers in South Florida. We quickly became friends. Jax was always nice to me. People project sometimes that models and actors are gay because of their close camaraderie or friendship. If you see two guys modeling nude together for Bruce Weber, people project that they must be gay. Jax always loved his fellow models. It was a fellowship type of bonding.”

For more of Jax Taylor and those pesky gay rumors, tune into next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules on Monday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]