Gruesome Murder Of Jessica Chambers Remains Unsolved

The murder of Jessica Chambers remains unsolved, even as authorities have interviewed over 100 different potential witnesses and exhausted over a month of leads. New York Daily News reports that the FBI has doubled the reward in hopes of finding information that may lead to the slain Mississippi teen’s killer, bringing the amount to a whopping $43,000. However, the details in this case have evolved very little from the day the teen’s body was found burning on the side of a road in Courtland. Will this case ever be solved, or is it doomed to turn into a cold case?

The mother of the slain teenager says that she had at least two abusive boyfriends in her past — something that may or may not be a clue behind her horrific murder. Of course, there are also numerous rumors circulating about the family of the slain teen, as well as about the teen herself. Her mother, Lisa Chambers, took to the media recently to attempt to dispel some of these rumors — some of which accuse members of the family of participating in gang activity.

“Do I know members and all that? No, and I am not a gang member.”

Lisa Chambers also hit out at rumors that insinuate that Jessica’s own father killed her. Even though he has a criminal past, Lisa believes that he’d never harm his daughter. She said it was ridiculous for anyone to assume such a thing. WREG News reports that people have pointed their fingers at Ben Chambers. However, law enforcement officials have never declared him to be even a person of interest in the case.


Over the course of the investigation, several people have been questioned. One man was even held for questioning for two days, but he was released and not charged with any crimes. For now, this case is at square-one — and the FBI is doing what it can to find out who did this.

Jessica Chambers was murdered in a way that most people would never be able to imagine. Lighter fluid had been squirted up her nose, and she was burned alive on the side of a country road. Her father claimed that she identified her killer with her last dying breath, but it appears that this never panned out for investigators. The Heavy reports that police believe her killer rode in her car with her the night she was killed. Did Jessica know her killer or not?

[Photo credit: the Heavy]