Long-Lost Wedding Ring Discovered On Growing Carrot

16 years ago Lena Paahlsson lost her wedding ring at her home in Sweden and after hours of searching in which her family turned their home upside down the ring was thought to be lost forever. Now thanks to a carrot the ring has been returned.

Lena was working in her garden this past week when she noticed something sitting on the top of a carrot, she she pulled the food out of the ground she quickly realized that it was her white-gold band with seven small diamonds, the very one she thought she lost forever in her kitchen during the winter holiday season of 1995.

She admits that the ring no longer fits but hopes to have it resized for wearing once again.

The search had never really ended for the ring, according to the BBC when the family was renovating their home they pulled up the tiles in the kitchen in the hopes of discovering the wedding ring.

Speaking about finding the ring in such a strange way her husband said:

“The carrot was sprouting in the middle of the ring. It is quite incredible.”

They now believe that the ring must have fallen into a bag of vegetable peelings that was later turned into compost and fed to their sheep.

So there you have it the mystery of the wedding ring carrot snatcher has been solved and it was right under their noses the entire time, quite literally.

Have you ever lost something important to you, only to have it show up in a very unexpected place?