January 14, 2015
3D Printer Gives Disabled Boy Prosthetic Star Wars Arm [Video]

Thanks to 3D printer technology, a young boy who had no left arm beyond his elbow was fitted with a fully functioning prosthetic Star Wars clone trooper arm. 7-year-old Liam Porter of Augusta, Georgia was the lucky recipient of the custom arm which was presented to him by official clone troopers. The actors were members of the Lucas Film approved Georgia garrison of the 501st Legion, who then made Liam an honorary member.


This particular limb was created by John Peterson, a generous man who devotes his time and printer to e-NABLE. According to Yahoo News, The worthy organization helps kids in need of expensive prosthetic limbs by using 3D printers to make affordable versions of high-end artificial limbs.

With the aid of 3D printer technology, Liam's new arm is both lightweight and highly maneuverable, allowing him greater freedom during playtime and affording him the opportunity to perform routine activities that most kids take for granted. His mother, who was at the theater when the 501st presented Liam with the Arm, was elated at her son's reaction upon receiving the printer-made clone trooper arm.

"Simple things like pulling up your pants or buttoning up your shirt are a lot more difficult when you only have one hand but he's managed to make it through, but this will make things just a little bit easier."
Until now, Porter's movement was limited by a clunky prosthetic that inhibited his playtime with other children. This is no longer the case.

With the reasonable price tag of only $300, Liam's family can replace his prosthetic limb with one created by a 3D printer instead of spending upwards of $9,000 on traditional prosthetics. The arm, which took about three months to create, was molded after open sourced 3D designs and tweaked specifically for Liam's specifications. The 3D printed arm can also be fitted with an assortment of attachments to complete a variety of tasks.

There are few applications in the world of 3D printing as noble as the endeavors of men such as John Peterson. Some do-it-yourself enthusiasts, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, will use a 3D printer like Johns to make guns and bullets. The use of 3D technology for such a worthy cause as this, however, deserves much respect and admiration.

Peterson told the Augusta Chronicle, "They want it to look as superhero-ish or as robotic as possible." Now that Liam has his very own 3D printed clone trooper arm, it's highly doubtful that there is any kid with more cool credits at school.

[Image Via Yahoo]