‘GTA V’ Title Update Improves Online Stability, Adds New Features To The Mission Creator

Even though Rockstar Games is currently preparing for the release of online heists as well as the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, which has now been delayed until March, the team is still working to improve the game with new patched content. In an announcement from the official Rockstar Support website on Tuesday, the developer confirmed that a small title update for GTA V is now available on all consoles.

Due to the small size of the latest downloadable changes to GTA V, Rockstar Games decided not to release the content as a newly numbered title update. Instead, the patch is simply be deployed as a hot fix on top of the previous update that came to GTA V late last month. The reasoning behind not releasing the new patch as a full update on its own becomes clear once fans realize that the patch only makes two changes to the game.

This week’s update to GTA V introduces more fixes to improve server stability within the title’s online multiplayer mode. From the point that the game first launched in 2013, Rockstar Games has continually worked to give GTA V users a better online experience.

The second change from the new title update adds a new feature intended to help GTA V users build better custom content using the game’s mission creation tools. After download the latest patch, fans will be able to adjust the placement height of props within the GTA Online creator. Objects can now even be raised to hover in the air.

“The Creator now allows for Props to be placed mid-air. To adjust the height of Props, press the right or left stick button on Xbox 360 and Xbox one, or the R3/L3 button on PS3 and PS4.”

It isn’t surprising to see Rockstar Games release small tweaks to improve the online portion of GTA V, since they plan to finally launch online heists in the coming weeks. The Inquisitr reported this week that the developer has confirmed that the highly anticipated cooperative robberies will be released on consoles prior to the launch of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V in late March.

Offering further details when players should expect online heists to become available in GTA V, the official Twitter account for Rockstar Support revealed that online heists will launch just a few weeks ahead of the game’s upcoming PC release. If this information is correct, fans should expect the cooperative heists to hit GTA V around the beginning of March.

Grand Theft Auto V‘s newest patch is now available on all platforms. The game’s PC edition will release on March 24, and online heists missions have been confirmed to be added to consoles sometime before that date.

[Image via Rockstar Games]