Ohio State Cheerleader Trampled: Team Rushes To The Field, But Runs Over Own Cheerleader

An Ohio State cheerleader was trampled on as the Buckeyes ran onto the field at the NCAA Championship game against the Oregon Ducks Monday night. When the winning team anxiously bolted onto the football field at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, they were met unexpectedly with one of the cheerleaders in their path. Enthusiastically waving the second “O” flag in Ohio, Ally Nelson found herself quickly on the ground. She didn’t have a chance against big football players.

Luckily, they didn’t trample her as bad as the photos make it look.

After the incident, the cheerleader’s well-being was on everyone’s minds. The good news is she wasn’t injured, and Louis Ojeda, Jr,. from FOX Sports announced she was fine in a tweet he posted Monday night.

“The @OSU_SpiritSquad cheerleader is OK after a small fall at the #CFBPlayoff #UOvsOSU!”

A male member of the cheerleading squad even rushed over to make sure she was alright. The OSU cheerleading team sent a message out to let fans know their “O” cheerleader was just fine.

“Our Cheerleader is ok. Just a miscommunication with the team runout and the producers but everyone is ready for the second half!”

Someone asked the squad was who it was that helped Ally out and they revealed that it was Danny. Many are thanking Danny for looking out for the young woman and being a true gentleman. He’s seen in the photos above and below rushing to Ally, who appeared in distress at the moment.

OSU cheerleader, Danny, rushed over to make sure his teammate was okay after her fall.

Interviewing with FOX Sports Southwest, the Ohio State cheerleader said she was fine and said miscommunication is what led to the fall.

“There was just a miscommunication and that’s really what got it all started. That last flag just kind of tripped us all up. I managed to crawl out and I’m fine. I got stepped on a little bit, but I’m OK.”

Once the players cleared the area, Ally Nelson was able to get right back up. She continued cheering on the football team that won their first national title since the 2003 Fiesta Bowl.

At the end of it all, the Ohio State cheerleader wasn’t hurt and came out of it with a big smile on her face. It definitely added more drama to the Buckeyes’ big win at the NCAA Championships!

[Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images]