Power Ranger Skylar DeLeon claims he murdered for a sex change operation

Former Power Range and murderer Skylar DeLeon has given his first interview since his court appearance last year.

On ABC’s 20/20, DeLeon talked about wanting to be a woman, and how that influenced his decision to cut his penis off last year:

“I basically took a sheet and tied it around my lower extremity … I tied it around and I went to cut it off,” he told ABC News.

During the interview Deleon was quick to point out that he’s straight, and that even though he wanted to be a woman, he also wanted to continue his relationship with his wife.

“I’m not attracted to guys,” he said. “But I wanted the surgery, and I knew I 100 percent wanted the surgery. But I only like females.”

Deleon said he avoided the surgery for a long time because he wanted his daughter to “have the most normal life possible” and didn’t want to “mix her up.”

The lawyer blames this for the murder

“This caper, this entire murder, this desire to get some wealth, to get some money, was to pay for that sex change,” said Michael Molfetta, a defense attorney who represented Deleon’s wife, Jennifer.

Maybe they’ll let him wear a dress when they fry him on his last day?