Barbarella Buchner Is Happily Married To Her Two Cats, Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary [Video]

Barbarella Buchner and her two tabby felines, Lugosi and Spider, have been happily married — yes, married — for a decade now.

The 48-year-old Brit was left brokenhearted by her split from her partner of seven years back in 2004, but she has since learned that true love can be found more than once. The current object[s] of her affection came in the form of two kittens that are actually brothers, and she has described the relationship she has with the cuddly fur friends as true love.

Hear Barbarella discuss her interesting relationship.

The cats, which are now 15-years-old, are of utmost importance to Buchner, and the web designer went to the point of tattooing her furry hubbies’ initials on her right leg to demonstrate her devotion to them.

Bucnher drew comparisons between her current loves and her former human romantic relationships, as the Daily Mail recounts.

“Before when I had a human relationship, he’d come home and we’d argue over something or he’d want to chat when I don’t want to chat. Lugosi and Spider are different – I’m definitely happily married to them. I’m not alone, I have my cats now. I have no regrets and I don’t care what people say.”

Barbarella explained thoroughly how she has always had an affection for cats because she was constantly surrounded by them growing up. Her parents owned many that had been adopted, yet Buchner never felt that they were truly hers seeing as she didn’t fully care for them on her own and was not the main caregiver to the kittens.

“In March 2000,” the Daily Mail indicates, “Ms Buchner brought her two tabby tom cats home for the first time, having adopted them from an animal shelter in East London.”

The then 34-year-old explained it as “love at first sight” when she laid eyes on them.

“I could tell the feeling of love was mutual judging by their purrs and the way they were brushing their little faces against the inside of their cage. These two tabby brothers were coming home with me.”

Ms. Buchner confided that she has been in a number of long-term relationships with men, but added that she has never married any and never really wanted to, sharing her thoughts that, “[s]ome women are built to clean up after their men. I’m not like that. But I never minded being my cats’ servants.”

After three years of owning her pet cats, Buchner sought to make their love official and looked into possible avenues to take to do this. In her research she found a website called and quickly was approved by the two women who run the website after paying a fee. The trio tied the knot shortly after.

The Marriage certificate granted by, image via Huffington Post

“Marrying Lugosi and Spider was something I liked to do for myself. It was something I had to do…Some people may call me a bigamist for marrying two cats or even call our marriage incest because they’re brothers. But I have never been one to care about what people say or think anyway, especially when it has anything to do with my cats and the unusual relationship I have with them.”

Barbarella went on to explain that the bond she has with Spider and Lugosi is purely a spiritual one and that she “obviously”does not do anything intimate with them. In addition the 48-year-old shares that she would never marry another cat, or even a human, after her current cats pass on.

The Huffington Post indicates that Buchner has since relocated to the Spanish island of “Lanzarote with her furry husbands — as well as another kitty named Ruby Akasha, a ginger female whom [she is] not married to.”

At least this quirky “Cat Lady” is taking care of her cuddly friends.

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