‘Funny’ Tasting Water Leads To Shocking Discovery In Water Tank

Residents of an apartment building in Mexico City had been complaining for months about the strange taste of their drinking water. When council workers finally responded to the complaints and checked the city’s water supply, they were shocked to discover a decaying body floating inside the cistern. Though the corpse had decomposed almost beyond recognition, the body was eventually identified as 27-year-old Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza, an aspiring actress who had gone missing almost a year ago. Police were able to identify her from implants Esparza got through plastic surgery.

According to Latin Post, Esparza was thought to have been abducted and sold into human trafficking sex trades. But Carmen’s family and investigators were surprised to find her body in the water tank of her own apartment building, the Chapultepec. The tank was opened on December 23. TV Notas reported that the autopsy revealed strangulation as the cause of the actress’ death.

A close friend of Esparza, Javier Paz, described her as “a talented and beautiful women who dreamed of being an actress,” according to the Daily Mail. Paz went on to say, “When she failed to turn up at the clinic where she worked, we all thought that she might have been kidnapped and sold off into the sex trafficking industry. But it seems that her body was back in her apartment block the whole time.”

Carmen Esparza

The preliminary investigation described Esparza as a, “Lifeless female body, unidentified, approximately between 28 and 35 years old, found on the inside of a cistern and in a state of decomposition.”


She was last seen in February, wearing athletic clothes when she left the apartment building. Her parents launched a social media campaign to gather information on her whereabouts, but received no clues until her body was recovered from the water tank. The acting school she attended, Argos CasAzul, contributed to the effort, sending out a tweet to help locate her, “#Alert She is Carmen Yarira Esparza Noriega, student of CasAzul and she is missing. RT please.”

No details have been released so far about possible foul play or suspects involved in Esparza’s disappearance. However, the victim had recently broken up with a businessman she was dating, who had paid for her rent at the luxury apartment where her body was found. Police are looking more closely at the man, according to local news reports. At the time of her death, the actress had started a new relationship and was moving in with her boyfriend.

While investigators search for more information on Esparza’s mysterious case, her family can at least have closure knowing where she turned up.

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