Nikki Ferrell Enjoys Watching Topless Chris Soules On ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor star Nikki Ferrell may be single once again, living and working in Kansas City, but that doesn’t mean that she has put her Bachelor days behind her. Last week, Nikki attended the premiere party for Chris Soules’ season of the show, where she opened up about her own situation with Juan Pablo. It is no secret that she doesn’t want to bash him, as many others have labeled him the “most hated” person in the show’s history.

And it sounds like Nikki Ferrell may already be enjoying the visual of another half-naked man. The problem is that 25 other women are fighting for his attention. This week, Ferrell decided to try live-tweeting the two-hour show and she had plenty to say about the women on the show. But she also felt that Chris was worth talking about.

According to a new tweet, The Bachelor star Nikki Ferrell revealed that she really liked watching Soules without his shirt on. Of course, Chris dated Nikki’s best friend, Andi Dorfman, before she decided to get engaged to Josh Murray.

“Chris has been shirtless like 5 times already. Keep it coming. I ain’t complaining #thebachelor #princefarming,” Nikki tweeted during her live-tweeting with her fans.

“Guys live tweeting is a lot of work. No guarantee of a return next week. But tune in to Kelly Travisty for plenty of snark #thebachelor,” Ferrell added after the show was over, hinting that it was exhausting to keep up.

But it sounds like Nikki Ferrell may not be ready to date just yet. After leaving The Bachelor, Nikki tried to make it work with Juan Pablo, but they ended up on Couples Therapy after failed attempts at communicating with one another. During those weeks in therapy, Ferrell opened up completely about her feelings, while he blamed his issues on communication and language barriers.

Instead of running to the press, Nikki Ferrell has been keep herself busy with work and being a support system to her friend, Andi. Dorfman and Josh Murray announced their split earlier this week but didn’t give a good reason. The split happened just days after the couple appeared at The Bachelor premiere, where they were talking about wedding planning.

According to the Inquisitr, Josh has been rumored to be the next Bachelor, so one can imagine that Nikki is there to help her friend through this hurtful and emotional time, even if the rumor is false.

What do you think of Nikki Ferrell enjoying watching Chris Soules being topless?

[Image via Twitter]