Lady Gaga Tweets Photo of Fan With Gaga Tattoos All Over

One Lady Gaga fan has taken his love of the pop star to the extreme, permanently altering his body in order to show his devotion and loyalty to her. On Monday, Lady Gaga tweeted a photo of her with a fan who has tattoos of her all over his upper body.

The photo shows Gaga, looking a bit like John Lennon, leaning against the male fan’s back. He’s a skinny young man with glasses and a nose ring. With his shirt off, his multiple Gaga tattoos can be clearly seen.

One one bicep is a tattoo of Gaga as styled for her “Bad Romance” cover art. On his upper left chest is a tattoo of Gaga crying, her mascara running down her cheeks, as her hand covers her face a bit. On his upper right chest is a tattoo of a topless Gaga. Right above his abs is a tattoo of Gaga’s Artpop album cover. His right arm is covered in more tattoos of Gaga.

Gaga, whose refers to her fans as “Little Monsters,” loves this fan so much that she called him a “monsterf***er” in her tweet.


Just who is this obsessed fan? In response to Lady Gaga’s tweet, he identified himself. On Twitter, he goes by the name Gaga Tatt Monster and says that he met Gaga in Cleveland in May and danced with her in Buffalo on July 2014. A YouTube video shows him up on stage with Gaga, dancing wildly with her and her dancers, to “Swine,” during the Buffalo show of her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour.

Since Gaga Tatt Monster took that photo with Gaga, he got even more tattoos. A more recent photo that another fan tweeted shows that Gaga Tatt Monster got at least two more tattoos of the pop star.

Gaga makes sure to let her fans know that she appreciates them. A few days prior to tweeting the photo of Gaga Tatt Monster, Lady Gaga tweeted that she has “the best and most devoted fans ever!”

[Image via Philip Nelson, Live Streaming Expert]