George W. Bush is a Four Letter Word on the Campaign Trail

President George W. Bush is not a name we are hearing much these days. Today, Iowa opens its polls for its first in the nation caucus. You hear the Republican field talking a lot about their hero Ronald Reagan, you hear a lot of trash talk about Barack Obama but barely a whisper about George W. Bush.

It isn’t so surprising. George W. Bush left office in 2009 with a 32% approval rating and was wildly disliked on the both the Right and Left for his two very unpopular wars, out of control spending and massive deficits.

Contrast that with President Bill Clinton, who left office with a 66% approval rating, a balanced budget and a surplus. He was so loved even a sex scandal and subsequent impeachment by Congress didn’t stop the American people from adoring him.

If you look at what the Republican candidates are saying, it is anything but good when George W. Bush is involved.

Rick Perry succeeded George W. Bush in the governor’s mansion in Texas. He always made it a point to trash bush when he could.

Newt Gingrich constantly refers to his time as Speaker of the House, back when the budget looked healthier and times were better.

Mitt Romney talks about his executive experience and how he is the one to return the country to a better time.

Rick Santorum mentions George W. Bush, but only in a vein of apologizing for voting with some of Bush’s bills while he was a Senator.

Funny enough, George W. Bush still has his supporters. They feel that the two term President left the country a lot safer than when he took office and that in the end history will judge him kindly.

According to the Associated Press former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said. “Sad to say, they’re looking at polling data that indicates they’re better off not bringing him into the campaign. I think President Bush has made America a safer nation and better nation and I’m proud of it. But politics isn’t about what’s fair, it’s about winning.”

How do you feel about the George W. Bush years?