Batmobile Of The High Seas! Check Out This $25 Million Xhibitionist Megayacht! [Video]

Why is it people love fast automobiles with sleek designs? Is it something universally accepted among society or is there an underlying psychological reason? Whatever it may be, people love our exotics like Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Lotuses, Vipers, and Mustangs. The Inquisitr even reported on how certain organizations have exotic vehicles that you’d least expect to have one. This includes police departments in Los Angeles and Dubai.

However, some people don’t care much about the exotics on asphalt. Instead, they rather opt for an exotic vehicle that cuts through water like a hot knife through butter. With that in mind, they will surely want to take a gander at the Xhibitionist Megayacht. It is truly the Batmobile of the High Seas… but you will definitely need Bruce Wayne’s millions to afford it at a hefty pricetag of $25 million!

According to Fox News, the luxury yacht was designed by Swedish-based car designer Eduard Gray of Gray Design. It has a striking hull, complete with sport car lines, that feature a low stern that sits closer to the water and a sleek front deck with built-in solar panels that slide out from within the yacht. The front deck multitasks as a helipad and concert space too. On the very top is a Jacuzzi with enough space to accommodate plenty of guests as they take in the relaxing views beyond the horizon.

The Xhibitionist Megayacht features a deck made of solar panels that power it. It also acts as a helipad and concert stage.

Inside, the interior is art nouveau design with monochrome furnishings, rooms that sleep up to eight guests, and ample space to showroom a fleet of sports cars. At the bow an above-water viewing window is set in a secluded alcove providing oceanic views.

Apparently, the Xhibitionist Megayacht will be designed to be a valuable and remarkable business tool either in addition to existing operations or as a stand-alone business tool. It is expected to be rented out during major shows and festivals such as the F1 GP, Cannes Film Festival, and Monaco Yacht Show, as reported by Charter World. On a sidenote, it is also stated that the $25 million investment is technically low in comparison to a high-standard luxury 70-meter yacht. Can you imagine a yacht worth more than $25 million? I understand cruise lines but a yacht?

Anyways, now that you’ve read the news of Gray Design’s $25 million Xhibitionist Megayacht and its purpose, would you like to take it out for a spin? Better yet, would you throw a party, show, or even a wedding on such a luxurious vehicle?

[Images via Gray Design]