TNA News: WWE Hall Of Famer Edge In Talks With TNA Wrestling?

In what can only be described as another desperate attempt by TNA Wrestling, the company recently got in contact with former WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Edge. They wanted to speak with him about an open position to come in and work as their TNA General Manager now that Kurt Angle was back as an active wrestler.

TNA tried to get another former WWE Champion in Alberto Del Rio to be present at their live show last week, but plans didn’t work out. It appears as if Del Rio was in Mexico at the time for other commitments. While Del Rio and TNA have come to terms according to reports, Edge and TNA have not.

According to Daily Wrestling News, TNA contacted Edge the week after he appeared on WWE RAW and SmackDown as the guest host along with his best friend Christian. While it appears that TNA did reach Edge and they did talk, the negotiations never went anywhere. The discussions never reached a money figure or anything similar. So, no serious negotiation took place.

As you may remember, Edge appeared with Taz as his first guest on Taz’s new podcast. TNA decided to announce this on their show and even referred to Edge as the WWE Hall of Famer when plugging it. This could have been the time TNA was still trying to bring him in, and the two sides were somewhat friendly.

At the end of the day, the situation was described as TNA putting feelers out, but “the fish didn’t bite.”

Edge told Taz that he enjoyed his time on RAW, especially being part of the angle. He was not happy with how long the segment went or Show holding his head down for too long. You’d obviously feel similar in his condition. Edge said that he would love to be part of things like this and help build new talent. He knows he cannot come back to the ring and wrestle, but WWE proved they could still use him when needed.

Edge does not want to be back full-time with really any promotion, even WWE. He has done a great job with the SyFy show Haven, and there are other projects he is working as well. Edge did say that he hopes to be back with WWE off and on though, so this was not the last time Edge will appear on WWE programming, which is pretty awesome.

Sadly for TNA, they were not able to bring in Edge. While it would have been nice, Edge will probably always be a WWE lifer. He has no need to go back to anything full-time, especially with the number two company.

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