Jon Stewart Launches Blistering Attack On Obama Over Paris March Absence

Jon Stewart launched a blistering attack on President Obama and his administration over their absence from the rally in Paris that was held in wake of the terrorist attacks in France last week.

On Monday night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was apoplectic that a high profile politician representing Barack Obama or the United States government was not in attendance in Paris on Sunday for the huge event.

You check out a clip of Jon Stewart’s blistering verbal attack on Obama and his administration below.

The Daily Show
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According to CNN, 3.7 million people are believed to have marched to fight back against the deplorable Islamist terrorist attacks that resulted in the deaths of 17 people across France over three days last week.

This included numerous world leaders, such as Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and EU President Donald Tusk.

What really irked Jon Stewart about the lack of American presence in Paris was the fact that those who did attend are hardly renowned for their support of free-speech.

“How could the U.S. not be there when representatives of such beacons of freedom and lack of censorship as journalist-punishing Russia was there? Journalist-jailing Turkey was there. Egypt… ’nuff said.”

Jon Stewart wasn’t impressed by the White House’s admission on Monday that they made a mistake in not sending a representative to Paris – an issue they’ve looked to amend with Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Paris in the next few days. In response to this revelation, Jon Stewart erupted, “Je suis to be kidding me.”

Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, apologised on Monday. “I think it’s fair to say that we should have sent someone with a higher profile,” he admitted. “That said, there is no doubt that the American people and this administration stand foursquare behind our allies in France as they face down this threat.”

Stewart was also incensed because U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was actually in Paris on Sunday for security meetings. However, he still couldn’t find time to join in the march.

“[Holder was] probably taking advantage of the shortest tourist lines in French history. While the march is going on you’re just kicking back snapping selfies with the Mona Lisa.”

According to Yahoo, the United States were represented by its ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, at the demonstration.

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