Kanye West ‘Enraged’ At Kim’s Ex Ray J

Kanye West Has New Neighbor, Ray J

Kanye West might just have a new neighbor, but don’t expect him to be dropping by with a welcome to the neighborhood basket. Who might be Kanye’s new neighbor? Oh, just the man who made a sex tape with his wife, Kim Kardashian – artist and star of For the Love of Ray J, the one and only Ray J.

Kanye and his blushing bride have been residing in the Hidden Hills community in Calfornia enjoying blissful married life and time with their baby girl, North West, but all that peace and bliss could be gone soon with the possible move.

According to TMZ, Ray J made an offer on a “baller” mansion that includes three horse stalls that is just eight doors away from Kim and Kanye’s residence. The offer was for $2.7 million for the mansion. And just how does Kanye feel about having Brandy’s little brother in his neighborhood?

According to Hollywood Life, Kanye is “enraged” and is “ready to take action.” What action can he take? Hollywood Life says Kanye is considering “legal action” because he feels Ray J is just trying to get under his skin by moving so close to he and Kim. Kanye is looking to possibly get a restraining order and considers this “borderline harassment.”

So what’s the deal with Kanye being so angry? Is Kanye jealous or is it something more?

Ray J is known for his relationship with Kim and for making the now infamous sex tape with Kim in 2003 and then leaking it in 2007 right when Kim and her family signed with E! to film Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye doesn’t trust Ray J and is incredibly protective of his wife of eight months. The Yeezus star thinks he is just clinging to his past relationship with Kim and needs to “move on!”

So what could possibly possess Ray J into thinking of living this close to Kanye and Mrs. West? According to TMZ, Ray J has said “it’s already his hood” and that he has “lived in the vicinity longer than Kim.”

As TMZ put it, “Ray J is like a bad habit Kim just can’t kick.”

Ray J posted on Twitter, asking people what their resolutions were with the hashtag, new year, new me.

It might just be that his resolution, besides releasing a new album, is to thoroughly annoy Kanye West.

[Photo Courtesy of Roberto Castro]