Cote De Pablo 'Dovekeepers' CBS: Actress Learns 'Dovekeepers' Will Air After 'NCIS' In March

Effie Orfanides

Cote de Pablo is on Dovekeepers, which will air on CBS in March. According to Yahoo! News, the actress recently learned that her new show will air after her old show NCIS. She was surprised to hear the news, but many feel as though the timing of her new show couldn't be better. Since Cote de Pablo was so popular on NCIS, thousands of fans (who all miss her dearly) will more than likely tune in to see her on Dovekeepers, especially because it will conveniently air right after NCIS.

"[The actress] looked surprised to hear that the two-part movie is scheduled to debut in the time slot after the crime drama," reports Yahoo! News.

Although Cote de Pablo signed on to do Dovekeepers on CBS, many of her fans are still holding out hope that she will one day reprise her role as Ziva David on NCIS. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans have often wondered whether or not she would return to the show, and there has been some indication that it is a possibility, based on interviews with the show's creator, and other cast members.

Despite some serious hints that Ziva could be back in the not-so-distant future, Cote is keeping busy with other things in her life. Many of these things are the very reasons that she left NCIS to begin with.

"I have been working. I have been living, spending time with my family, which was very important to me. How can I tell stories if I'm not infused by life?" Cote said recently.

If you tune into CBS to see Cote de Pablo on Dovekeepers, here's a little bit of what you can expect.

"The four-hour limited series event is based on Alice Hoffman's bestselling, critically acclaimed historical novel and will be produced by [Roma] Downey and her Emmy Award winning husband Mark Burnett. The series is set in ancient Israel, and centers on a group of women whose lives intersect in a fight for survival at the siege of Masada," Star Pulse reports.

The miniseries is already getting a lot of attention, and many think that Cote will be wonderful in it. There has even been some chatter about potential award nominations for both the actress and the miniseries, which is also getting people excited to tune in.

Catch Cote de Pablo on Dovekeepers on CBS on March 31. Will you be watching?

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