Louisa Wendorff: Meet The ‘Blank Space’ Mash-up Genius Who Has Found No. 1 On Billboard Thanks To Taylor Swift

With one single tweet involving one single word, Taylor Swift catapulted the acoustic mash-up of her tracks “Blank Space” and “Style” as well as the career of the genius behind it, to no. 1 star-standings on Billboard.

OBSESSED. @louisawendorffhttp://t.co/gXrXYEZx1B

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) December 27, 2014

The 20-year-old college junior and musical mastermind Louisa Wendorff is the talent behind the mash-up that Ms. Taylor Swift and millions of others have become “obsessed” with.

Louisa Wendorff, image via Twitter

Wendorff, originally from Palos Verdes, a suburb of Los Angeles, moved to Nashville a little over two years ago in pursuit of a musical career. She currently attends Belmost University where she is getting the basis to find success as a songwriter and business woman as she is enrolled in their songwriting and music business programs.

The incredible vocals in Wendorff”s version of the “Blank Space” mash-up would lead one to believe that the young talent is a bit of a prodigy who has been singing her whole life. When asked this very question by Glamour Magazine, the singer pretty much confirmed this.

“I started singing when I was seven in a concert for 400 people in California. I had a solo, and there was a standing ovation at the end. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to sing. I sang in assemblies, talent shows, Christmas shows…something in me just clicked with singing.”

Not only can the girl sing, but she admits to only needing a 20-minute time frame and the creative assistance of her friend Devin, to achieve what resulted in her “Blank Space” rendition. Think Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect –style talent.

“[Devin] started singing ‘Style’ and I sang ‘Blank Space,’ and we both kind of went, ‘Whoa, this is crazy. It worked.’ We finished it in 20 minutes. I was supposed to fly home to L.A. the next day but changed my flight at the last minute so we could record the song.”

Although Louisa definitely has the talent and enthusiasm to be admired as much as she has, and to get the attention of Taylor Swift, herself, Wendorff is at a loss as to how the superstar even found out about her version of “Blank Space,” stating that she has “no idea” and that she is mind-blown by the whole turn of events. But the concluding assumption is that her friends tweets perhaps hailed the attention of Ms. Swift by constantly tweeting Wendorff’s video to Swift. That sounds logical enough.

Wendorff, as expected, was thrilled by the shout-out given by Taylor over Twitter and responded excitedly via her own account.

Since the mention of Wendorff’s creation by Swift on December 27, the ‘Blank Space’ remix along with Louisa’s “EP Arrow has soared to No. 1 on Billboard‘s Heartseekers Albums chart,” as Hypebot.com notes.

The video has since been viewed over 9 million times and has sent Wendorff sky-high on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart to the no. 2 standing.

It was certainly worth passing on a trip home over Thanksgiving!

[Feature image via pmstudio.com]