MTV Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’: New Photo

Is MTV filming for a new season of Teen Mom 2? While the network hasn’t directly confirmed that a new season will air, there have been plenty of clues to help confirm a new season. Now, a new photo posted on one cast member’s Instagram account shows that MTV cameras are around and filming the girls.

Kail Lowry posted a photo of her son Isaac’s birthday present. Isaac will be turning five this month, and for his birthday, Kail got him a new bedroom set. In the photo, Isaac and his brother Lincoln, are seen sitting on the new bed and nothing looks too out of the ordinary until you look in the left corner of the photo and see a man with a camera standing there! Of course, if this was a random person’s photo, the cameraman might seem out of place, but since this is MTV filming Kail for Teen Mom 2, it makes sense.

“Isaac is so excited about his birthday present! An all new bed and room! Ninja turtle style!” the caption on the photo read.

This is not the first time that cameras have been captured filming Kail Lowry. Last year, cameras were spotted in a photo taken at a gym. In the photo, Kail and her husband Javi were working out, and since fitness has become a huge part of Kail’s life, it makes sense that the network would want to capture that. That means the MTV filming has been taking place since at least late last year.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was last year when Leah Messer-Calvert announced she would not be on board for a new season of Teen Mom 2. The reality show star was going through a lot of drama at the time, and most fans understood why she would not want MTV filming her drama. However, she eventually changed her mind, although no MTV cameras have been spotted filming her just yet. Of course, that may be because Leah has not been posting too much on her social networking accounts and appears to be focusing on her marriage to Jeremy Calvert.

It is unclear when the new season of Teen Mom 2 will air, but with MTV filming underway, the network may push to have it out sometime this year. It has also been reported that Jenelle Evans is negotiating with the network to have her wedding air on MTV. It would not be the first time that MTV filming would take place at a Teen Mom 2 wedding, and it seems that Jenelle’s wedding could potentially be seen on the new season.

Fans are no doubt excited to see MTV filming for the all-new season.

[Image: via Instagram]