Mysterious Washington D.C Metro Smoke Incident: One Dead, 81 Injured

Sarah Myles

A fatal incident that occurred on January 12 on the Washington D.C Metro remains shrouded in mystery today. Metro General Manager Richard Sarles confirmed that a passenger died when thick smoke filled a train carriage within the tunnel system. L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station in Washington D.C was a scene of chaos and panic on Monday afternoon, as passengers were evacuated from the station and a Yellow Line train, just before rush hour. Though it was quickly confirmed by the fire department that no fire could be found at that time, the smoke was abundant, and continued to pour into the train carriage for some time.

Despite the fact that rush hour had not yet started, there were many witnesses at the busy station. Jonathan Rogers was on the Yellow Line train, which stopped short of Pentagon Station. He detailed the experience to The Washington Post.

"You could see smoke coming through the doors. It started to get scary pretty quick. People started praying. Smoke was coming in pretty steadily. Some people were fine and some were just hurting pretty quickly. The only scary part was not knowing if the smoke was going to stop."

— Jonathan Rogers (@JRogers202) January 12, 2015

"We just kept doing (CPR), maybe 25 minutes... we just kept going. Somebody helped carry her toward the back of the train - that was before the fire-fighters arrived."
"But the smoke continued to come in. The driver told us not to open the doors. That was a big thing. More smoke would come in. But, people were panicking. They were trying the doors anyway. It was black. Pitch black."

— Kealy Erin Gordon (@Keals2005) January 12, 2015

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