June 29, 2017
Guy Performing A Bruno Mars Song Has A Shocking Ending, Literally [Video]

A guy flamboyantly singing a song, originally sung by Bruno Mars, finished off with a lively spark, literally.

Singing a song is usually not a dangerous activity, unless you are really bad at it. However, a guy recently got the shock of his life, when he was singing the "Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Though normally you should feel sorry for someone who has just been given the biggest electric shock of their life, this case is slightly different, owing to the weird circumstances in which it happened.

You might have to push back those giggles when the Bruno Mars fan Lucas Alves is zapped midway through a cringe-inducing rendition of one of the star's songs. Simply put, the performance seems so nauseating; you actually realize you are waiting for the hilarious moment, when Lucas receives the biggest jolt in his life – of electricity that is.

It is certainly not common to see a man get electrocuted while belting out a Bruno Mars song, no matter how bad it is, but when the performer climbs a tree with a broom — which he uses as both a dancing prop and a faux microphone — and decides to wave it around next to live electrical lines, such accidents are bound to happen.

Wearing seductive denim hot-pants, Lucas is seeing performing spiritedly atop a tree. Using the broom, which could have been for balancing atop the precarious location for a song, Lucas can been seeing belting out the 'Lazy Song' originally performed by Bruno Mars.

All through the performance of the song, Lucas can be seen waving the broom as a prop and using it as an imaginary microphone, while the high tension electrical wires are just inches behind him. Midway through the performance, Lucas extends the broom a little too near to one of the wires and seen convulsing violently as thousands of volts surges through his body. While it is unclear whether it was the Bruno Mars song or the guy's sheer luck, Lucas seems to be fine despite having received the shock of his life.

Though the social media is choc-a-bloc with renditions of Bruno Mars's "Lazy Song," the one Lucas made certainly stands out. The over-the-top spirited performance, combined with the electric finish is certainly a crowd-puller.

While the video initially appeared on the internet in October last year, it has only gone viral now. If Lucas is observing the phenomenon, he might soon consider making a few more similar renditions of the many songs Bruno Mars has performed over the years.

[Image Credit | Video Grab]