Tahlia Skaines Flaunts Bombshell Body In Sexy Yellow Set While Enjoying A Picnic On The Beach

Tahlia Skaines took to Instagram on Thursday to share another sizzling snap that showed her in skimpy attire. The post consisted of three new images of the blond bombshell enjoying a picnic.

The first image in the series captured Tahlia posed on the beach. Sand stretched as far as the eye could see, and several waves crashed in the ocean near her side. A few clouds were scattered in the sky, and it had a beautiful, light blue shade. Tahlia knelt and turned her head to the right, and she placed both hands on her knees. In the caption of the post, she shared with fans that she is gearing up for her birthday next month and celebrating spring with a picnic.

The model chose a bright yellow set, and a tag in the post indicated that it was from Oh Polly. On her upper half, she sported a bra that had thick straps that stretched over her trim shoulders. The piece boasted a plunging neckline that fell low on her bust and offered a generous tease of cleavage. The bra tied in the middle with a thin set of strings, which helped to draw even more attention to her ample assets.

Tahlia rocked a skirt that was made of the same fabric and color. The waistband was high on her midsection, and it helped accentuate her tiny figure while still offering a great view of her abs. It had a frilly bottom and short length that teased a glimpse of her shapely thighs. Tahlia added another pop of color to her ensemble with a pink bubblegum nail polish.

A tray of goodies sat on a light blue blanket in front of Tahlia, and the second photo in the set revealed her entire spread. The wooden board was filled with bread, green olives, crackers, strawberries, raspberries, and a few different dips. The last image in the series captured a stunning sunset.

In its short time live, the triple-photo update has received a fair share of attention. More than 8,000 fans have double-tapped the upload, and 70-plus left comments. Most wished Tahlia a happy birthday while a few more raved over her figure.

"So so so sooo beautiful babe!" one fan gushed, adding a few red hearts.

"Oh my bday is the 7th of October spring baby too," a second social media user added.

"So cute and a nice view on the beach," one more chimed in and added a few flames.

"Wonderful wow happy birthday my beautiful," a fourth complimented.