Is Azealia Banks Going Too Far With Her Iggy Azalea Beef?

Azealia Banks is taking her hatred of Iggy Azalea to new lows by reportedly generalizing and attacking all of Australia. According to a report on Tone Deaf, the beef-loving rapper referred to the continent as a “notoriously racist” place, which has some Aussies pretty annoyed.

Among those who are annoyed are members of the band Closure in Moscow, who aired out their frustrations on Twitter. Of course, what they said about the 212 rapper can’t be printed, but it was colorful and passionate. Never one to pass up Twitter drama, Banks responded with comments that opened the floodgates of anger from not only the Australian band, but their Aussie fans.

Of course, this all came to a head after Banks was called out for her continual attacks on Iggy Azalea’s nationality. Kendrick Lamar has come to Iggy’s defense, and so has rapper T.I., and Lupe Fiasco (just to name a few). Banks butted heads with Fiasco when he voiced defense for Iggy, and she lashed out at him while labeling him “no longer relevant.” She then said that Fiasco couldn’t “even book shows.” His response to this wasn’t received very well by the rapper.

Not only does Lupe Fiasco book shows, but he’s relevant on the very continent where Azealia Banks claims to be “notoriously racist.” Banks just kept on with the drama, delivering not only another low blow to Fiasco, but a blow dealt to all of Australia. This is what attracted the attention of several Australian media sources and other celebrities.

“In Australia, those are white people… it’s cultural fetishism… they only like you because you’re black… not because you’re good.”

It’s not difficult to see that this hatred of Australia stems from her hatred of Iggy Azalea — a hatred that has simmered for at least three years. She used her assumption that Australia is a racist land of black-fetishizing whites to insult Lupe Fiasco, adding him to her ever-growing list of beefs.

Has Azealia Banks gone too far with her Iggy Azalea beef this time? It seems that lately, her time has been spent mostly on Twitter bashing other people in the music industry while dwelling on how much she dislikes the Make You Beg rapper. Meanwhile, Iggy continues to climb the charts while capturing the love of the people who matter most in the music biz — the fans.

[Photo credit: MTV]