Chris Soules Engaged: Who Gets ‘The Bachelor’ Final Rose In Iowa? [Spoiler]

Is Bachelor Chris Soules engaged? Weeks before the final rose ceremony in his home state of Iowa, fans are hoping this season has a fairy tale ending and Chris proposes to his final pick. Before he makes his choice, viewers will get to see the usual amount of drama, group dates, hometown dates, and the much-anticipated overnight dates in the Fantasy Suite. [Spoilers ahead]

In Chris’ most recent Bachelor blog on People, he dishes on a few of the girls that he met on night one. Are his kind words a tell-tale sign of who he picks in the end?

“Whitney had impressed me with her beauty and poise… Kaitlyn had killed it with her humor… Britt gave me the best hug of my entire life…”

On a recent appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael, Chris admitted that he is in love, but didn’t name the girl that stole his heart. [Video clip above] Fans have been speculating as early as the first episode, with some wondering if Britt will be his final choice. After all, she received the first impression rose. However, according to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Britt doesn’t make it to the final rose ceremony and is sent home before the hometown dates.

Jade is another girl who seemed to catch Chris’ eye when she stepped out of the limo on night one, but her past seems to get in the way of the final rose. It is rumored that her racy Playboy photo shoot and criminal record may have had something to do with Chris’ decision to send her home after their hometown date.

Blogger Reality Steve, who spoils most seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette correctly, revealed the name of Chris Soules final pick weeks before the season premiere. He states that Chris ditches hairdresser Becca Tilley at the final rose ceremony and proposes to fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff — they are reportedly engaged. Steve promises that it is “not a guess” and the information was given to him by his “source.”

WetPaint reports that Steve was incorrect about who Desiree Hartsock picked, as well as Ali Fedotowsky and both of Brad Womack’s seasons. Does that mean he will be wrong again? Steve is not providing as many episode-by-episode spoilers this season, leading some fans to wonder if he may be wrong about who Chris Soules picks. However, he did spoil two recent seasons — Andi Dorfman’s final pick and Juan Pablo’s “I like you a lot” final rose ceremony, so perhaps he’s on a roll.

The season finale of The Bachelor is set to air in mid-March. At that point fans will find out if Reality Steve was right about Whitney being Chris’ final pick or if his sources were wrong.

[Image via Reality Steve]