Samantha Miller: Woman Speaks Out About Her Live-Streamed Rape, Torture At The Hands Of Her Vile Ex-Boyfriend

Samantha Miller suffered years of abuse and repeated sexual assault at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Sean Johnstone. According to The Daily Mail, Miller was reportedly raped by the vicious 45-year-old man. Then, to make matters worse, he also live-streamed one of the horrific incidents to a chat site online. But he didn’t stop there.

He also held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her unless she agreed to have sexual intercourse with his pet Rottweiler. She also revealed that the abuse she suffered during her pregnancy also effected her unborn child. Unfortunately, the baby was born with brain damage as a result of the beatings she endured, reports SWNS.

So, now Miller has waived her right to anonymity in order to speak out about the volatile abuse. During a recent interview, she recounted the daunting time in her life and the abusive relationship she had with Johnstone. She reportedly began dating Johnstone back in 2006. She explained how a relationship that started out great quickly transformed into a nightmare. Shortly after their relationship began, Johnston began dictating and controlling Miller’s life. Then, things escalated to physical abuse and he began raping her in her sleep.

“It was like spending two years in a horror film. I would wake up with him on top of me,” Miller said.

She also recalled the horrific series of events that led to the live-streamed rape incident.

“The laptop was on in front of me and he said people were watching, that it was connected to a seedy chat room. I was pregnant at the time. He punched me in the stomach, then he raped me. I was too scared to go to sleep at night. He was trying to get me to do things with his Rottweiler. He brought it into the bedroom. He was trying to get me to have sex with the dog, while I was pregnant. He held a knife to my throat. He told me that if I didn’t, he would kill me.”

There were times when he would hit her with heavy objects and days when she’d even be starved. She also revealed he’d often threaten to kill her and the baby.


“He had knives and screwdrivers all over the house, he would hit me with heavy ornaments, throw buckets of wee over me. I wasn’t allowed to go out, I was rarely allowed to hold my child. I got a hiding if I answered him back. He would say ‘I’m going to kill you and kill that baby.’ I can’t remember how many times I was raped by him. Every day, in the end, I was being abused. It was continuous, day and night. I was walking on egg shells, constantly.”

Sean Johnstone was found guilty of 27 counts and has been sentenced to 17-and-a-half years in prison. His charges reportedly include rapes, indecent assaults, child pornography and extreme pornography featuring animals. But, unfortunately, his incarceration hasn’t been much consolation for Miller. She’s still traumatized by his actions and continues to live in fear.

“My life has been taken. I may be alive but because of what’s happened, I’m not me any more. I want to stop that happening to other people – there is a way out. He is going to come for us and I know he is,” she said. “He told me if I ever left him, he would find me and he would kill me. He still controls my life. My life, to this day, is controlled.”

Do you think 17-and-a-half years is enough jail time for what Sean Johnstone has done to Samantha Miller? Share your thoughts.

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