Chris Brown Accused Of Bullying Pornstar After Trying To Pay Her For Sex

Chelsea Hoffman

Is Chris Brown's public image ruined for good? The troubled R&B singer has reportedly stepped into some fresh new drama -- this time involving a porn star. Mstarz News reports that porn star Kagney Linn Karter took to her Twitter account to blast the "Loyal" singer. Karter reportedly accused Brown of harassing and abusing her after she refused to have sex with him, and she claims that all of this went down while he was in a relationship with Karrueche Tran. This would be the second report making claims that he is cheating on Tran. The previous rumor indicated that he was cheating on her with Kendall Jenner.

It's hard to tell whether this latest scandal is just a nasty rumor or not, especially since the pornstar's alleged Twitter account seems dedicated to smearing the R&B star. She's even gone as far as to call him a pedophile in one of her profanity-laced rants on Twitter. Is this truly Kagney Linn Karter, or have media sources been fooled by a devoted troll?

— Kagney Linn Karter (@Kagneytweets) January 11, 2015

She claims that she had to delete her entire Instagram account over his bullying, which supposedly cost her over 130,000 followers. If these allegations are true and his cyber abuse has been as intense as the Twitter account claims, then why haven't the police been called? Could this story be a hoax?

Chris Brown hasn't said anything about this latest explosive hit to his public image. In fact, he's been busy getting over his near-death experience that resulted from a recent performance in San Jose.

A shooting broke out during his live set, resulting in at least four people being injured. Brown was escorted from the stage, safely, and had time to post a photo from his Instagram account later to show that he was in high spirits. The Mirror reports that Chris posted a photo of his girlfriend Karrueche Tran with a status that his since been deleted.

"No more ni**a parties! Only this type of s**t!"