'Minecraft' Sales Continue Ridiculous Pace, PC And Mobile Versions Hit New Milestones

The monster that is Minecraft is showing no signs of slowing down, even three years after it officially launched for the PC. The now Microsoft-owned Mojang revealed some stunning new numbers for both the PC and Pocket Edition versions of the open-world sandbox game that puts most others to shame.

Mojang announced Monday that Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS and Android mobile devices crossed 30 million copies sold.

"Let put that into perspective," Mojang's Owen Hill wrote jokingly in a post on the developer's website. "If each Pocket Edition sale was an average sized dog, and you walked said dog every day with a retractable leash in moderate temperatures across uneven terrain, it would consume approximately 290,566,788^3 kj of energy. I know. It's a big number." I don't know what Hill was getting at with that paragraph other than to say big numbers are impressive. 30 million for Minecraft: Pocket Edition certainly is, but what about the PC version? The original build of the game is still going strong as well with more than 18 million copies sold, as recounted by lead developer Jens Bergensten.What's more, the number of people playing Minecraft at any given time continues to grow as well. Mojang's Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams' revealed figures over the weekend that dwarfs other major games.Adams later went on to tell Polygon that the number of users playing Minecraft on the PC peaked 1.4 million on Friday, January 9. Interestingly Adams would later go on to say that approximately half of Minecraft players are going with single-player while the other half is doing multi-player. By comparison, not a single Steam game, not even Dota 2 has topped the one million concurrent player mark yet.

The PlayStation and Xbox console versions are going strong as well. The combined might of the PS3 and Xbox 360 passed the PC version just last June. With the PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One editions now in player's hands, and with a significant update, this train will not be slowing down anytime soon.

[Images via Mojang]