New Year’s Resolution To Stop Drinking Could Be Bad For Your Health [Study]

It’s easy to “give up” alcohol after a night of heavy New Year’s Eve drinking but experts say the “I’m gonna stop drinking” resolution could actually be detrimental to your health.

Referred to by a group of researchers as “Janopause” the doctors say people who stop drinking even for the entire month of January are performing a “medically futile” stunt which fails to help the liver over the long term.

Those same researchers also found that once someone participates in “Janopause” they end up harming their liver once they start drinking again because it piles extra stress on the organ. In many cases the pause will even lead to excessive “catch up” drinking that lasts for the rest of the year.

Andrew Langford, chief executive of the British Liver Trust explained to the DailyMail:

‘A one-hit, one-month attempt to achieve long-term liver health is not the way to approach it.

‘You’re better off making a resolution to take a few days off alcohol a week throughout the entire year than remaining abstinent for January only.’

In the meantime researchers continue to preach the same type of sensible practices they always have, warning alcohol drinkers to avoid large amounts of alcohol (binge drinking) while not partaking in alcoholic beverages every single day of the year.

Do you find that you feel better after a month of not drinking or light drinking? If nothing else the lack of hangovers for some people might be a welcomed Janopause side effect of it’s very own.

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