It’s World Nude Day 2009 (VIDEO)

February 6 is World Nude Day 2009. What are you wearing?

What’s World Nude Day 2009?

World Nude Day is seemingly an unofficial holiday started in New Zealand. According to its founders, the day is “about setting yourself free.”

“It’s about nude, not lewd,” they explain. “It’s about having fun…with your clothes off.”

World Nude Day Video Contest

As part of that fun, the folks behind World Nude Day are calling for videos of naked adventures on their Web site. The 10 funniest nude videos will go up for a public vote. The final winner, the site says, will receive “US$10,000 in gold.” Interpret for yourself.

The World Nude Day Videos

Here’s an example of the type of World Nude Day video being uploaded thus far. Note: This particular clip is primarily R-rated, but it may be NSFW due to language and the general subject matter.

You can check out more clips offering plenty more exposure, should you be so inclined, at the official World Nude Day site.