Whitney Bischoff Has Connection With 'Bachelor' Insider: Will This Help Her Win Final Rose?

Whitney Bischoff, a contestant on Chris Soules season of The Bachelor, reportedly has a connection with a previous cast member within the Bachelor franchise. Will knowing someone who appeared on not one, but two of the franchise's shows give Whitney a little edge over the other girls — or a better edit — and help her win the final rose?

So far this season, the 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago has been best known for her sunny smile and cute voice — one that created a buzz on Twitter during the season premiere. Bachelor Chris Soules had nothing but good things to say about her from the get-go, writing in his blog on People that "talking to Whitney was definitely a highlight."

Whitney, who appears to be friends with former Bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant Jaclyn Swartz, may have a great advantage when it comes to her success on this season of The Bachelor. It certainly can't hurt to have a friend who knows the producers and some inside information on what to expect. Especially if the friend is also friends with a Bachelor producer.

Jaclyn lasted three episodes on Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor and was known for making some noise (mostly with contestant Ed Swiderski) on Bachelor Pad 3. She was outspoken on both shows and didn't stop there — she frequently tweets out sarcastic comments about the contestants on The Bachelor and recaps the show on her blog, Blonde Hair Don't Care.

She has nothing negative to say about her Whitney...

"Whitney – GO WHITNEY GO!!! Did anyone notice the fact that she wore yellow shoes and a black dress for Iowa colors?! Not a mistake... totally there for the right reasons…why do I know this?... Hog jokes, baby jokes…whatever, her laugh is contagious…"
...but she does not mince words when it comes to some of Chris' other ladies.
"Mackenzie – Sporting a perm, and on acid sitting on a rock. Higher than the dude at Coachella who couldn't get his flip flop on. Has a kid, which means she will be eliminated soon..."
"Trina – Her hair looked like Dolly Parton on a crack bender."
But isn't cheering on a friend and talking smack about the opposition what you do when your pal is trying to win at the game of love?

Whitney is rumored to make it to the hometown dates, the overnight dates, and the final rose ceremony (spoiler in link). Do you think her friendship with Jaclyn helped to keep her on the show longer than the other contestants?

[Images: ABC, Jaclyn Swartz Instagram, Whitney Bischoff Instagram]