Palestinian President Abbas Slammed By Hamas For Attending Paris Anti-Terror Demonstration

You can't please all of the people all of the time, and when it comes to any dealings with the likes of the Gaza terror group, Hamas, that applies even if you're not an Israeli.

In this case, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has come under fire from a member of his own unity government, Hamas senior official Mahmoud Zahar, who thinks Abbas was totally hypocritical for attending the Paris anti-terror demonstration in Paris yesterday.

Obviously, a character like Zahar would be upset, as he and his Hamas group are some of the biggest proponents of terror in the world, not to mention their ISIS-like views on beheading infidels and attacking innocent women and children.

It also seemingly upset Hamas that Abbas stood there, just a few feet away from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a sworn enemy of the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

As Zahar told reporters about the Abbas visit to France, "This behavior is part of the hypocrisy and political juggling act Abbas is used to; he thinks that this will earn the sympathy of nations. First he should take care of his own people."

The attacks in Paris last week, including the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices, the slaying of a French police officer, and the brutal murder of Jewish shoppers at a Paris Kosher supermarket, left Hamas in an awkward situation as the triple attacks showed the true face of militant Islam in 2015.

But for Hamas, Abbas' attendance at the anti-terror rally was a step too far, as Zahar told reporters, "Abbas wants to look as if he fights terrorism, even though he does not know the meaning of terrorism."

In his statement, Zahar mumbled some confused statements, essentially condemning the Charlie Hebdo massacre, while remaining totally silent about the Kosher supermarket massacre.

"We condemn any action against any country, but Abbas must first discover solidarity for his own people. The same goes for those who steal salaries and rehabilitation funds (from Hamas government officials and the Gaza Strip respectively - AL) and leave them to starve in the winter and the frost."

Besides the fact that no Palestinians are starving -- as Israel allows massive amounts of humanitarian aid and building supplies to enter the Gaza Strip unhindered -- and there is no frost in Gaza, it appears to be more of a personal thing for Hamas.

Zahar said that Abbas was the "illegitimate leader of the Palestinian people," as he and his Fatah movement had lost the 2006 election. He noted that Abbas' legal term as president of the Palestinian Authority had also ended several years ago, a fact Mahmoud Abbas tries to hide, until it catches up with him.