Kailyn Lowry Defends Marriage And Husband After Javi Allegedly Goes To Strip Club

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have had their ups and downs in their marriage, but overall, the Teen Mom 2 couple seems to be pretty happy together.

After the two dated for a while, they decided to get married in a quickie wedding before Javi had to leave for basic training. After basic training, Kailyn and Javi announced they were expecting their first child together. The pair decided to have a formal wedding ceremony when Kailyn was about seven months pregnant, and the “under the sea” wedding theme was gorgeous. Kailyn then gave birth to their son, Lincoln, and their family moved to Delaware.

Overall, things have seemed to be picture perfect for the two, but as the Inquisitr previously reported, some sources tried to claim that there was trouble in paradise. Kailyn Lowry was accused of texting other guys and “barely talking about Javi” to her friends. However, the Teen Mom 2 star denied the accusations and confessed on Instagram that marriage was hard, but that she is very happy.

Over the weekend, Kailyn was confronted with more rumors about her marriage on Twitter. The mom of two took her sons bowling, and posed happily with them on Instagram. Javi Marroquin, however, was not in the photo, and it was assumed that he was not with his family. Then, someone on Twitter revealed that he was allegedly spotted at a strip club.

A screenshot posted to Twitter showed someone claiming that “one of the Teen Mom” boyfriends was at a strip club. When asked which one, she said Javi. When fans caught wind of this, they immediately asked Kailyn Lowry about the rumors, and she responded with the utmost maturity.

Kailyn Lowry didn’t confirm that Javi was or was not at a strip club, but it is obvious she doesn’t care either way. The couple appear to have a strong marriage and trust each other deeply. The fact that she isn’t letting any of the supposed drama about her marriage get to her shows even more that things between her and Javi are likely fine.

Teen Mom 2 is set to come back for a sixth season later this year, and Kailyn Lowry has signed on for another season. Of course, this is the perfect time for people to start stirring up drama about her and her family since she will be back on television. Fortunately, Kailyn Lowry has dealt with the drama for five years already, and knows it all too well.

[Image: via Instagram]