Watch Meryl Streep Get Jumped By Benedict Cumberbatch [Video]

It wouldn’t be an American film awards show without a central appearance by Meryl Streep, who is often nominated for more than one acting honor at the Golden Globes. Despite Meryl’s position as one of Hollywood’s most lauded actresses, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler weren’t afraid to rope her into a joke, poking fun at the Sony hack and its possible link to North Korea. Margaret Cho, dressed as Kim Jong-un, pretended to be the Korean dictator on a trip to the awards ceremony, eager to take a photo with the much-honored Streep.

But it was another Meryl-associated actor who temporarily took the spotlight during the sideshow photo-op between Streep and the fake Kim Jong-un: British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch. While Meryl was mid-picture, Benedict leap up in the background to get in on the action. Did Cumberbatch think that this might take on the same popularity as the famous star-studded Oscar selfie last year?

It’s more likely that Benedict was just ribbing with Streep, with whom he collaborated last year on on August: Osage County, a movie that also managed to secure a few nominations last year — including one for Streep in the Best Actress category. Meryl had high praise for Cumberbatch when doing press for the film last year.

“Benedict I hadn’t ever met before, and he was such a gift to the film… He plays someone completely different than all the performances we’ve seen. He’s very tender and wounded and bruised and tentative. He fit into this Oklahoma family just effortlessly. I was surprised to learn he was British; I didn’t know that.”

Neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor Meryl Streep won the awards they were nominated for this evening at the Golden Globes.

[Image via YouTube]