Jane Fonda's Boyfriend, Richard Perry, Passes Out At Golden Globes

Jane Fonda took to the stage as a Golden Globes presenter just moments after her partner Richard Perry passed out at the event, according to a report by the Hollywood Reporter.

THR reports that Perry passed out because of the heat of the lights where he and Fonda were sitting, at the front of the audience.

Perry was examined by members of the Beverly Hills Fire Department, who concluded he was fine. A call made for paramedic assistance was cancelled before paramedics arrived.

The three-times-divorced Fonda met Perry, a music producer, in 2009. In 2012, she revealed the depth of her relationship with Perry and how it has been different from her marriages.

"I absolutely wanted to discover [true intimacy] before dying. It has happened with Richard. I feel totally secure with him."
Last year, Fonda went public about Perry's life with Parkinson's Disease. Perry told Fonda about his condition on their first date but it did not concern her until their union became serious. She wrote about this confrontation on her blog.
"I said, 'Richard, if you don't take your disease seriously and become an expert in it so you know exactly what your options are, I'm not hanging around. And he did--become an expert. He has a top notch motor-disorder neurologist, he works out every day, does yoga, he takes his meds (well, I do have to remind him sometimes because, when his symptoms were getting worse, I went with him to see the doctor and learned that the timing of the meds is critical). Who knew."
She said her decision to discuss Perry's Parkinson's was in part to explain certain symptoms he was increasingly displaying. She also acknowledged those who have chosen to put a name and face to Parkinson's.
"Richard and I are both grateful that more and more people are talking about their Parkinson's Disease, most especially and importantly, Michael J. Fox. So, with this blog, we're publicly joining the discourse."
During their relationship, Perry has been attentive to Fonda as she has undergone surgeries for different issues. The couple met shortly after she had knee surgery and they moved in together when she was still on crutches.

Fonda is set to star alongside Lily Tomlin in the Netflix original comedy series Grace and Frankie. She was presenting with Tomlin at the Golden Globes just after Perry was attended to by the Beverly Hills Fire Department. Grace and Frankie also stars Sam Waterson and Martin Sheen. In the series, Tomlin and Fonda are rivals who discover their husbands have been carrying on a long-term affair with each other and plan to marry.

[Jane Fonda and Richard Perry image: John Sciulli/Getty via ABC News]