Man Who Beat Rape Suspect Also Hurt Girlfriend, Cops 'Hit' Him With Assault Charges

A rape suspect beaten by his nephew is now in the same jail as his attacker. Police say 52-year-old William Mattson was assaulted twice by his nephew, 27-year-old Daniel Mattson, after his girlfriend was allegedly sexually assaulted by the older man. Police consider the first physical attack to be in defense of the alleged rape victim, but now it's claimed the nephew beat his girlfriend after discovering she was allegedly raped.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the photo showing how the boyfriend had the rape suspect beaten went viral since it shows the damage that was inflicted. William Mattson also blames the alleged rape victim for his current criminal charges, claiming that their acts together were consensual.

Police say William told responding officers that he and the alleged rape victim were drinking together alone in the room. According to the report, William said "the victim was naked under her blanket, and he was fully clothed." It's claimed the girlfriend began to hug and kiss him in a consensual manner before the nephew came home. When Daniel heard the sound of moaning, he kicked the door down only to find his uncle on top of his girlfriend. Daniel then proceeded to chase William out of the house with a flurry of punches.

According to Lt. Selena Small, although the nephew had the rape suspect beaten, he was not initially charged with assault since "the suspect's injuries were received prior to officers arriving on scene by someone acting in defense for the victim." The police claimed he "was acting in defense of his girlfriend who was being raped." But police investigators determined a second, separate assault occurred outside the residence.

"Investigators have determined that there was a separate, subsequent assault to William Mattson outside of the residence, after the threat to the victim has been removed," Small said according to My Horry News.

In addition, police also say the alleged sexual assault victim was herself assaulted by Daniel Mattson immediately following the initial sexual assault.

Based upon this evidence, the Conway Police Department charged Daniel Mattson with Assault 1st Degree and Criminal Domestic Violence. According to WNCN, William Mattson also remains in the J. Reuben Long Detention Center after being denied bond.