Mariah Carey To Follow Britney Spears In Vegas After Career Crashes

Mariah Carey had an awful year in 2014. Her album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse debuted with sales lower than matches at a non-smoking restaurant. Mariah’s live performances, especially the one at Rockefeller Center, choked the ears of humans, mice, elephants, and dogs everywhere. Let’s not even get started with Carey’s divorce from Nick Cannon.

To be fair, one has to give Carey credit for continuing with her career during all the personal and professional turmoil. Mariah tried to perform at the Beacon Theater recently and, once again, the reviews were poor. Jim Farber from the New York Daily News pretty much summarizes what a lot of people though about Mariah Carey‘s performance.

“For the first three numbers, her miking device and earpiece weren’t working correctly, throwing her off pitch and breaking up her phrasing… Carey seemed nervous and out-of-breath, not just at the start of the show, but throughout. Her patter bordered on blather, with sentences trailing off and introductions going nowhere.”

However, you can’t keep a talented girl down and Mariah, unlike many other pop singers, has talent. Perhaps Carey is doing a good thing by following Britney Spears to Las Vegas and is expected to make a lot of money. Forbes gives us some of the details.

“Some outlets have suggested that it looks like her show may take place at [Caesar’s] Palace and that it may start as soon as this year. While a monetary figure hasn’t been made clear just yet, we can be sure that any residency involving Mariah would be worth millions, and possibly might even exceed the $30 million that Britney Spears is making for her show.”

Several on the Internet have mocked Mariah’s decision to perform in Vegas, calling it desperate. But Mariah Carey has fallen before and gotten back up. After the 2001 movie Glitter caused Mariah Carey to have a nervous breakdown and was dumped by her record company, Mariah came back strong with 2005’s The Emancipation of Mimi. That album marked one of the biggest comebacks in music history.

If Mariah Carey rests her voice and plans her Vegas residency correctly, it could be a win for her, the fans, and Las Vegas. People like to laugh when superstars are down, but they also like to give them a chance to rise back up. 2015 will be Mariah Carey’s chance and we can hardly wait to see her shine again in Las Vegas.

[Photo Credit: Us Magazine]