Google Launches Free e-Book Reader


Good news, smartphone users: Google is now making thousands of e-books available for mobile download, for free.

The newly launched Google Book Search for mobile is available for all iPhone and Android-based device users. All you have to do is navigate over to, and you can browse through subjects or search for specific authors or titles. Already, more than 1.5 million books are available.

Google Book SearchGoogle Book Search

Google Book Search on the Web had been around for a while. The new thing here is really the formatting -- the books are now optimized for smartphone reading. Google engineers explain what they had to do go through to make that happen in the official Google Book Search Blog, if you're interested.

Sorry, Kindle, but with the introduction of this -- not to mention the availability of relatively inexpensive mobile services like eReader and BookShelfLT -- your market is suddenly looking a lot less bright.