Rare Identical Triplets Born In Montana

Rare identical triplets were born on December 5 at the Billings Clinic in Montana. Although Cade, Ian, and Milo, were born a few weeks early, doctors confirmed all three boys are “in excellent condition.”

Jody and Jase Kinsey were shocked to learn they were expecting triplets. However, multiple births do run in the family. As reported by Billings Gazette, Jase’s father is a twin.

Dr. Dana Damron said identical triplets are not uncommon when parents use fertility drugs. But, the Kinseys were not receiving any form of fertility treatment. Damron explained that “spontaneous identical triplets [are] incredibly rare.” In his opinion, the Kinsey boys are one-in-a-million.

As the boys were born prematurely, there were medical concerns. Damron said the triplets had no trouble breathing. Unfortunately, “eating was a little bit more of a challenge” for Ian and Milo.

Jody and Cade are currently staying at the Billings Ronald McDonald House, as Ian and Milo will require further medical treatment. Registered Nurse Tiffany Draayer said Ian and Milo are currently receiving nutrition through feeding tubes. She said the boys should be able to go home before the end of the month.

Jase admits caring for three infants will be a challenge, but he is looking forward to taking his sons home. The proud father said “it will be a blast” raising the identical triplets. As reported by KULR8, Jase imagines the boys will use their similar appearance to pull pranks when they are older.

“They can scheme together, and get it figured out to where, ‘Okay you’re better at math, so you go to my math class, and you go to my math class, and I’ll go to English, cause I’m better at English.'”

Jody said it is somewhat difficult to tell her sons apart, as they are truly identical. However, she is also looking forward to taking them home.

As reported by Love To Know, most triplets are indeed the result of fertility treatment. Spontaneous triplets, which are conceived naturally, fall into several categories.

Trizygotic twins are formed from three separate eggs. Therefore, they are not identical. In some cases, the triplets are formed when one of two eggs splits. In these cases, two of the zygotes are identical and the other is not. Monozygotic, or identical triplets, are formed when one egg splits into three parts.

Cade, Ian, and Milo, are Monozygotic identical triplets. Although statistics differ, some sources estimate the odds of conceiving Monozygotic triplets are nearly one in 200 million.

[Image via Chicago 2]