Snoop Dogg Announces New Album, 'Bush,' Produced By Pharrell Williams

Joshua Waldrop

Snoop Dogg confirmed during the Omnicom Media Group panel during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that his newest album, Bush, produced by Pharrell Williams, will likely drop in March, according to Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stone.

Bush will mark Snoop Dogg's first album as Snoop Dogg since 2011's Doggumentary, and his first offering since the experimenting in other genres with his reggae album, Reincarnated, which saw the rapper change his moniker to "Snoop Lion," and 7 Days of Funk, which saw Snoop as "Snoopzilla" collaborating with Dam-Funk,

Pharrell and Snoop Dogg previously collaborated on Snoop's "Beautiful," and "Drop It Like It's Hot," which became a major hit for Snoop in 2004. Last year, Snoop spoke excitedly to MTV News about the new album.

"It's a great record me and Pharrell did from top to bottom. It feels good and I'm happy to be back in the studio working with one of my favorite producers and homeboys. It's different—it's completely different than anything we've ever done. It feels good, sounds good, looks good."
"Snoop's album is better than mine. It's Snoop Dogg. You're gonna bug out from the approach of what we did. We're almost done. The songs are done. Now I'm just adding the finishing touches."

Never without controversy, Snoop Dogg made headlines earlier this week when he shared a photograph of Instagram user Cortez Booze and asked his followers, "Whose aunticle is this?" Booze claims that he subsequently suffered a barrage of hate mail filled with hateful homophobic slurs, and after contacting the picture sharing app in order to get the post removed unsuccessfully, has proceeded to sue the rapper for damages, according to TMZ.