The Late Taylor Negron On Being Funny — ‘I Made My Shortcomings Work For Me’ [Video]

It is sad to hear that actor and comedian Taylor Negron passed away yesterday, January 10, after a long battle with cancer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr,Taylor Negron was honored by cousin Chuck Negron, of the band Three Dog Night, in a video relaying Taylor’s passing. See the obviously overwrought Negron in the video below.

Most widely known for his portrayal of the pizza guy in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Taylor Negron has also appeared in films such as Easy Money and the first movie in which Taylor appeared, Young Doctors in Love. It is interesting to note that Taylor Negron played a pizza guy in two other movies, Bio-Dome and Vamps. Perhaps he found it amusing to reprise one of his most famous roles. Maybe he just liked pizza.

Not one to put all his eggs in one basket, Taylor also graced the TV screen in guest roles for popular shows such as The Dating Game, Seinfeld, and Friends. Super talented in several areas, Taylor Negron also brought joy to many with his stand up routine. The following video is part of Taylor’s comedy performance for The Moth.

In an essay by Taylor Negron entitled “How to be Funny,” he poses questions at which we, the readers, answer and rate ourselves on whether or not we have comic potential.

“Here is a hypothetical situation–you’re walking across town and you see a man fall down a staircase. What do you do? Run after him to help? Burst out laughing and fall on the floor? High five a stranger?”

“If you answered the former, you may be funny. Go on, but let’s not get carried away. Being funny is up there with being a nurse, if you don’t do it right you can hurt somebody.”

This is a classic example of Taylor’s effortless humor. In his essay, Negron goes on to give us a small glimpse from his own life.

“I made my shortcomings work for me. So should you! This is the Rosetta Stone to being funny. Some people use comedy as a defense. I was a geek in High school. I was the one who came into class pushing a projector wearing Slacks up to my rib. I wore a dickie with no shirt. As you can gather I was the last one to be chosen on a Baseball team. I got used to never getting picked, but what I could never get used to was–the collective moan of the team I was assigned to. I had to make them laugh. I had to survive. (In my high school yearbook they listed my hobbies as “playing in the dirt and watching the Dinah Shore Show.”)”

Taylor Negron will be greatly missed by the bevy of fans who loved him. Are you a fan of Negron? Share your feelings on his recent passing.

[Image via Comedy Central]