Ex-Muslim's Open Letter To America: Message Addresses Self-Proclaimed 'Peaceful' Muslims, Urges Americans To 'Wake Up'

Mark Christian, is quite passionate about his beliefs. However, the ex-Muslim's perspective may be relatively surprising for some readers. The Global Faith Institute founder has a new purpose in life and his work is geared toward exposing the truth about Islam and Muslim hypocrisy. Since he left the nation of Islam over 10 years ago, he's had no reservations about criticizing Muslims who claim to be "peaceful" but believe the act of murdering in the name of their god.

"A god who is insecure enough to be offended by a cartoon, and incompetent to the level that he wants you to avenge for him, is not a god worthy of worship, but a devil who is leading you to your demise.
He recently released an open letter in wake of the Paris Massacre that took place at the office satirist newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Dr. Christian is challenging Americans to pay attention to the magnitude of these attacks and the reason innocent people have been compromised.
Where is the American spirit and the American soul? Where are those who destroyed Hitler and brought down the Berlin Wall? When planes flew into your buildings, knifes ran through your fellow citizens' throats, bombs went off in your Boston streets, Women and kids are screaming in every country around the world. All of this and you are still calling Islam the religion of peace … What else needs to happen for that Giant to wake up, and liberate humanity from the bondage and the fear of Islam???"
The letter, which was addressed to both Americans and those who proclaim to be "peaceful Muslims," cites a number of arguable points about the hypocritical role of a Muslim, the retaliation toward offensive statements and gestures, and the alleged plot to take over America.
The circumstances we face are dire and we have no coherent way of addressing it until we establish the stark, bright line between Muslims who are willing to respect the religious liberty of others (which must absolutely require the abandonment of vengeance over insults, perceived or real) and those who count us as so many cattle, ripe for slaughter and easily led.

Our society can no longer afford to self-censor when it comes to the "hair trigger" that is Islam. Muslims of the former type I described above may be offended, and for this I am sympathetic; but Muslims of the latter type will become enraged and will reveal to all the depth of their incompatibility with civilized society. This is my aim: to force these Muslims to expose their unacceptable radicalism for all to see, but also to reach a self-realization of the depravity of that radicalism that exists within themselves.

Being offended is uncomfortable for sure, but it is nothing compared to being hunted and subjugated, which is the lot our Christian brothers and sisters in Muslim-dominated lands endure, and as we saw in Paris; and increasingly in our own western democracies. The source of this is a foolish adherence to the idea of "multiculturalism," enforced by a misguided political correctness. I believe you would heartily agree that there is no verbal insult, nor cartoon that would move you to murder. However, hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide disagree.

Dr. Christian also touched on the concept of honor killing. He explained the perspective of Muslims where such killings are concerned. Although every Muslim may not be dangerous or prone to committing heinous crimes, they may not stop another Muslim from causing harm to someone if its done for seemingly religious purposes. He also ousted "peaceful" Muslim, because the justification of violence can lead to other potentially fatal possibilities.
"The concept of killing over an insult is abhorrent, but is held to be acceptable by a majority of Muslims. Does this mean that a majority of Muslims would kill over a cartoon? Of course not. However it does mean that a majority of Muslims would NOT stop a fellow Muslim from doing so, and might even feel compelled to assist or support them either financially, or through their silence. This concept is the bridge from religion to savagery. If a Muslim accepts insult as justification for violence, then it becomes possible for them to move to the next stage – honor killings, murder of apostates and infidels, etc.

Some of those "peaceful" Muslims are of the opinion that HAMAS is doing nothing wrong by targeting civilians. They say are merely "acting as anyone would toward an oppressor." Their words, not mine. We are in a war, declared by Islam against civilization itself."

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