Boy Dies After Being Diagnosed With Strep Throat, Made 'Honorary Police Officer' By 50 Officers At Funeral

An 11-year-old boy died just days after being diagnosed with strep throat. When speaking to the boy's mother, she noted that her son had just one dream: to be a police officer. After hearing of the boy's ambitions, about 50 local law enforcement officers came together to pay tribute to the young boy at his funeral.

According to KOTV, Skyler Hankins from Glenpool, Oklahoma, died just three days after being diagnosed with strep throat. However, his mother, Katrina Hawkins, doesn't yet know if it was strep throat that actually killed her son. Skyler was in fourth grade and was seemingly healthy, until the strep throat diagnosis. Katrina says the boy had common cold symptoms and nothing more. At no point did Katrina think that her son's life was in danger. She took him to the Claremore Indian Hospital, where they diagnosed him with strep throat. Skyler was then sent home with medications and to rest.

Katrina is skeptical of the strep throat diagnosis, noting that the hospital never performed an actual strep test.

"They diagnosed him with strep but they didn't give him a strep test and I did not see them take his temperature either, or do any blood work."

The hospital visit took place on New Year's Day, and just three days later, she found her son unresponsive in his bed and called 911. Her son was pronounced dead, and now Katrina is looking for answers. Skyler's bloodwork has been sent to the medical examiner for a complete diagnosis of what may have killed him. However, results may take weeks to be determined.

Though the boy's death was tragic and unexpected, there was a group of local law enforcement who attempted to give the family a little peace at the boy's funeral this past Friday. Approximately 50 law enforcement officers showed up at Skyler's funeral to pay tribute to the boy who dreamed of becoming a police officer. To show their respect, the Jenks police chief made Skyler an "honorary police officer," and gave his mother the badge off his shirt.

Chief Cameron Arthur said the boy earned that chief badge.

"It's a chief's badge and I think he absolutely deserves it. This is bigger than any of us here, this is so much about this young man and how strong he was."

Skyler was laid to rest with the chief's badge, and received a farewell that was truly fit for a hero.